wiki:Faction Icons

Faction Standings are represented by one of three icons. You can pick which to use by typing "/targetless" in the vo chat, then clicking the "Options" tab, then the "Ships" option. On the TargetLess list player ships display faction standing for all 3 major factions and location faction, each represented by it's particular factions color. NPC ships on the TargetLess list only display the local faction standing, or none for unmonitored sectors.

  • smile: Faction standing is represented by smiley faces, sad for low faction standing happy for high faction standing.
  • wheel: The faction wheel, POS faction standing represented by a full wheel, KOS faction standing represented by an empty one.
  • bar: The faction bar consists of two bars, one colored by faction above, and one that grows/shrinks based on standing with the faction (empty for KOS full for POS).
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