In-game open the TargetLess config by typing "/targetless". Click the "Controls" tab and you will get a choice of "Custom", "#Keys", and "Mouse" binds. "Mouse" sets the mouse-wheel to change targets/lists. "#Keys" sets the # keys to target the top ten targets in TargetLess. "Custom" lets you pick the key that is bound to each action. Pick any you want to set to see additions information including what VO commands will be ran, then click the "Set ..." button. You can have multiple sets of binds.

If you want to set your binds manually you can also do that. The following is a list of commands you can bind:

  • nextLS -> target next in list
  • prevLS -> target previous in list
  • pin -> pin or unpin a target above the list
  • lsswitch -> cycle list type
  • cyclestatus -> cycle friendly/hostile/all
  • addroid -> save the scanned roid (if scanall disabled)
  • editroid -> edit/remove the targeted roid
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