Sep 28, 2009:

4:14 PM Ticket #40 (pin api functions) created by drazed
Add functions to the api for pin/unpin/getpinned.
4:14 PM Ticket #39 (ORE_SAVE/ORE_EDIT/ORE_DELETE events) created by drazed
Add events for when a roid is added/removed/changed. Event should …
4:12 PM Ticket #38 (persistant API) created by drazed
Add a persistent API layer that will work between future versions. …
4:10 PM Ticket #37 (unpin all) created by drazed
Add a bind to unpin all currently pinned targets (clear pin list).
4:08 PM Ticket #36 (bind list order) created by drazed
Add a bind to cycle the order-by option.
4:07 PM Ticket #35 (lsswitch bind) created by drazed
Extend lsswitch to take an optional argument of listtype …
3:59 PM Ticket #34 (re-target) created by drazed
re-target anything that goes out of radar range and comes back (if no …

Aug 30, 2009:

2:44 AM Changeset [57] by drazed
buffer totals/center/self updates
2:03 AM Ticket #33 (hud_toggle/hud_scale bug) created by drazed
when you toggle hud and back, then hud scale, targetless breaks alot!
2:01 AM Ticket #18 (warp-in animation health bars) reopened by drazed
hmm, fix is for hud_scale. not for warp-in/out :(
1:39 AM Ticket #29 (center HUD current target/self info) closed by drazed
completed: [55] should be the final layout for now.
1:38 AM Ticket #32 (enable/disable list types bugs) closed by drazed
1:38 AM Changeset [56] by drazed
fixx for enable/disable lists, as per ticket #32

Aug 29, 2009:

11:27 PM Ticket #32 (enable/disable list types bugs) created by drazed
Enable/disable list type has broken behavior. Does not update till …
10:17 PM Changeset [55] by drazed
change centerhud layout again :)
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