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#18 warp-in animation health bars HUD defect Oct 18, 2008

hide them when you're warping in, make it look cleaner ;)

#31 fix current target font color HUD defect Aug 24, 2009

Should be white where grey if target selected (both in list and in centerHUD info).

#33 hud_toggle/hud_scale bug HUD defect Aug 30, 2009

when you toggle hud and back, then hud scale, targetless breaks alot!

#44 long roid note cutoff/scrolling Mining defect Jan 5, 2010

Long roid notes stretch the list, cut them off or scroll them on refresh.

#1 Placement Options Improved Config enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Should be optional to place list on left or right.

#2 Input Captures Improved Config enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Input capture config for control setup.

#4 Better trimming HUD enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Make the lists fit on all resolutions and font sizes.

#8 PDA Sector Counts PDA enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Add the sector counts to PDA and Station/Capship? interfaces.

#10 pin roids Mining enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Add the ability to add roids to the pin list.

#13 Click-n-drag layout manager Layout Manager enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Click-n-drag layout UI manager. Customize each layout type (player/npc/capship/etc...) via a click-n-drag UI.

#16 List type configuration Improved Config enhancement Oct 18, 2008

Add configuration options for lists. Should be able to create new list types and remove old ones. Should be able to define what types of ships show up in each list (hostile/friendly/both of each). Probably should break this into several tickets.

#22 Search Ore Mining enhancement Oct 23, 2008

Search by ore type from local list.

#27 modular list types Performance enhancement Aug 23, 2009

Make list types (ships/ore/cargo/group/db/etc...) modular, so they can be plugged in/out of targetless. This will mean having 2 types of downloads, targetless-core (with ship lists only), and targetless-full (with all modular lists).

#28 Click-n-drag list manager Layout Manager enhancement Aug 23, 2009

Have icons for ship/object types and click-drag to make custom lists (lists as defined by #16).

#29 center HUD current target/self info HUD enhancement Aug 24, 2009

Add info on current target and self to the central part of the HUD (ala http://vo-wiki.com/wiki/Plug-ins#customHUD but with more TLS iup stuffs, eg health bars and pretty colors).

Make this optional in the config, so players that prefer the customHUD plugin can continue to use it without having stuff overlap or whatnot.

#35 lsswitch bind Binds enhancement Sep 28, 2009

Extend lsswitch to take an optional argument of listtype ('pvp','pve1','pve2','ore',etc...).

Eg. lsswitch pvp

should switch to the pvp list regardless of which list is currently selected.

#39 ORE_SAVE/ORE_EDIT/ORE_DELETE events API enhancement Sep 28, 2009

Add events for when a roid is added/removed/changed.

Event should pass the roid data.

#40 pin api functions API enhancement Sep 28, 2009

Add functions to the api for pin/unpin/getpinned.

#42 scan radar API event/table API enhancement Nov 1, 2009

Add a publicly accessible table that contains all radar scanned data. Also add an event that triggers each time this table is updated.

PS. This would be a great time to play with lua threads :D logic follows:

thread runs on timer
 * scans through all radar targets each interval
   * populates targetless.radar_buffer table for each item
 * replace targetless.radar table with targetless.radar_buffer table
 * trigger TLS_RADAR_UPDATE event

Justification: scanning through radar targets is a computationally intensive operation, it would be useful to allow other plugin authors to bypass extra scans through targets. Also would likely help for reducing the number of these types of scans targetless has to do.

#43 add text-string faction standings option HUD enhancement Nov 26, 2009

Add an option to allow faction standing to be represented by a letter (P=pos, A=admire, L=like, ..., H=hate, K=kos). Letters would be color coded as the faction icons/bars are now.

#46 #key/mousewheel control sections Binds enhancement Nov 16, 2010

Should only set #key/mousewheel specific controls, leave the rest for custom (and rename custom to something more representative of other required binds).

Also, find a way to select more then 1-10 targets via number keys (tap number to go to next set if available, rollover back to initial when not).

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